Justice Acts France focuses on fighting human trafficking through intercession, training for prevention and awareness-raising, and reaching out on the streets bringing hope and help to those trapped in prostitution. They dream of offering an alternative to those trapped in prostitution by starting a job training center alongside a healing community.

Cévennes, France

Based in Riga, Latvia, Freedom 61 began in 2010 as a multi-faceted ministry reaching out to girls on the streets. They opened a cafe offering coffee, tea, soup, baked goods and a warm place for these women to come. There they are able to build relationships and offer hope through partnerships with local legal, social and counseling professionals. They work to raise awareness and promote prevention in schools and orphanages as well as reach out to sex tourists. In 2015, they officially opened their women’s center, offering them resources and shelter as well as a one-year program including rehabilitation, counseling, and life skills training in preparation for a new life off of the streets. 

The Justice Team at YWAM Seamill inScotland is a ministry focused on God's heart for the oppressed, for those who are trapped in cycles of poverty, violence, sexual exploitation and other forms of modern day slavery.  One of their goals is to build awareness of the impact these horrors have on our world today, and then perpetuate change by seeking God and bringing His light into the darkness.

YWAM Freiburg’s Ignition ministry began in 2014. With a major population of university students and an underground prostitution business, they are wanting to grow in their ability and effectiveness in reaching women in need.

Freiburg, Germany


Nurnberg, Germany

Bad Blankenburg, Germany


 connecting to end human trafficking

Riga, Latvia

YWAM Cologne’s Ella ministry started as an initiative of people from different churches, age groups and backgrounds. Their heart is to build relationships with women through two main avenues: visiting them at the brothels, and also in the caravans.


YWAM Nürnberg’s KALEO was founded in 2014 with a focus on ministering to the women in the local red light district.  As friendships are emerging, the team is seeking to start a drop-in center. They also have a desire to reach out to men and the broader society to bring truth in the realm of intimacy and sexuality. 

Prague, Czech Republic

Lausanne, Switzerland

YWAM Cologne,  Germany

Budapest, Hungary

YWAM Moscow (Virsavia Project)is a ministry focused on blessing and working with girls in prostitution. They raise awareness of potential medical dangers, offering informational brochures, free medical tests and condoms. They work to help women transition out of the sex industry by helping them get legal documents as well as partnering with the International Organization of Migration to get them back to their home country. They hope to open a shelter to house girls who choose to leave the industry.

YWAM Lausanne’s The Walk ministry began in 2013 by bringing hot tea and coffee to women on the streets. Their heart is to build relationships and partner with local churches, raising awareness and creating a movement amongst Christians in the area. They founded an association (Port'Espoirwww.portespoir.ch) to gather people around the issue of prostitution and human trafficking with hopes to connect with city leaders and see long-lasting change.

seamill, scotland

YWAM Bad Blankenburg is a pioneering base with a heart for social justice in their city. They are partnering with Word By Heart, a YWAM school that memorizes the gospels, and hope to bring the Word of God to transform the lives of girls in brothels. 


Hope Dies Last began in Germany out of a team of people reaching out to girls on the streets who were in dire need. It is a media-focused ministry with a heart to offer free resources to grassroots organizations working to end human trafficking in Central Europe and Russia. In 2014 they relocated to Budapest, Hungary to magnify their efforts and partner with YWAM’s Central European office. Realizing the need for resources and support of ministries around the region, they also offer debriefing for those working in the field.

The ministry of YWAM Prague is based in the heart of the city where they build relationships with girls working in prostitution. They have built a partnership with local churches and organizations and created a teachable method on how to talk to the girls, organizing weekly outreaches. Currently working toward the long-term goal of building a restoration center, YWAM Prague is developing alternative business opportunities for women who choose to leave the sex industry.